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We are a family

 Last Saturday was a day full of meaning, we ushered in our team building

Team building is very important for an enterprise. Through this team building and expansion activity, everyone has gained a lot

In the development activities, everyone carried forward the spirit of "Never abandon, Don't give up", united and cooperated, overcome difficulties, and successfully completed each development project, and the team cohesion became stronger.

1. The team warms up collectively. At the beginning of the outreach training, team warm-up activities will help to eliminate tension, so that you can easily and happily participate in various training activities.

2. Team projects. The team project aims to improve the trainees’ sense of cooperation and the team spirit of the trainees. Through complex and arduous activities, it promotes mutual trust, understanding, tacit understanding and cooperation between trainees.

(1) It is extremely important to clarify responsibilities and implement division of labor. After each person's job responsibilities are determined, each person performs his or her duties, which is conducive to clarifying responsibilities and giving full play to the individual's subjective initiative, so that they know what they should do and think about how to do well. When working on a collective development project, everyone started to listen to the team leader’s arrangements. They only spoke some opinions. After a little longer time, they couldn’t bear it, jumped out and gave instructions. This affected the talents of other comrades and also caused it. The situation is chaotic. Therefore, in specific work, we must clarify the division of labor, implement responsibilities, and resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of "multiple politics" and "oversight".

(2) To do things, we must first plan and then take action. In real work, we need to have a clear goal for everything we do. Only by clarifying the direction of progress and the final results to be achieved can we determine the methods and steps to be taken in the process. Therefore, only by planning the overall goal and direction, we will get twice the result with half the effort.

   Three, learn to empathize when encountering problems. In our work, we need to see differences, accommodate differences, coordinate differences, and use differences, learn from differences, and don’t be bothered by superficial phenomena. Some impressions are actually subjective conjectures that require your patience and wisdom. Through analysis, Only by judging, fully understanding its essence, achieving goals through organization and coordination, and through communication, can a win-win situation be established.

In the development training, the team members will know how to survive in adversity, and understand that although a person's abilities are limited, the power of will and spirit is unlimited.