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Spring 2020 "shizu mountain" group construction

Spring with light steps came to the earth, came to the rivers and lakes, came to the world.The vitality of the flow from all sides, people feel suffocating and happy, happy and happy.The sultry spring and the bright spring were to lead you into the fields, into the hills, into the woods.
So on April 19, 2020, WESDOM Group organized the employees of the company to carry out the "construction activity of shizu mountain group."

Shizu mountain scenic area is located in xinzheng city, henan province, covering an area of about 12 square kilometers.Shizu mountain, also known as zuzi mountain, formerly known as fenghouling or fenghouding, is the main peak of the zuzi mountain system, with an area of 3 square kilometers, 793 meters above sea level and a relative height of 540 meters.It is the former residence of the yellow emperor xuanyuan, the ancestor of Chinese culture.

After the yellow emperor established his state, he built his capital here.It can be seen that shizu mountain plays an important role in the history of Chinese civilization.

In July 2000, the people's government of henan province declared xuanyuan temple and other scenic spots in mt.In 2003, shizu mountain was approved as a provincial forest park by henan provincial department of forestry, and in 2005 was approved as a national forest park.

Shizu mountain scenic area has become a large cultural tourism area of the yellow emperor, which combines seeking roots and worshiping ancestors with leisure and sightseeing, and has become the "holy land" in the mind of hundreds of millions of Chinese people.Every year on the third day of the third lunar month, a large number of Chinese and yellow people from home and abroad come here to worship the ancestors.

It's a fine day for a trip.I found that the shizu mountain is the center of the activities of the yellow emperor, the first ancestor of China, the yellow emperor culture throughout the mountains, in the middle of the xuanyuan pavilion, xuanyuan temple, temple after the wind, the naked ancestral temple, the yellow emperor camp cave and many other historic sites.I understood that the first ancestor mountain not only has a magical legend, but also beautiful scenery, attracting me and my friends' eyes.

All the way to the mountains, all the way to the scenery.When we climbed to the top of the mountain, we felt that the sky was bluer and the water was greener.

I also took a lot of beautiful photos on the way to share them with my friends.