• F5 resilient seated flanged gate valves
  • F5 resilient seated flanged gate valves
  • F5 resilient seated flanged gate valves

DIN 3352 F5 Resilient Seated Flanged Gate Valves

Features: Gland: Ductile iron
Wedge: Ductile iron+EPDM
Lifting nut: Brass
Adjustable stem: SS420
Clamp ring: Brass
Ring: Silicone

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Product parameter:

DIN F5 Gate Vavle Product  Parameters  
 Model DN Face to Face
Hand wheel 
 Flange diameter
 Hole center distance 
Hole number and aperture
The flange thickness
(containing water) T-mm
Boss height f-mm  Crown diameter
Nominal Pressure
 50 150  138 165  125  4-Φ18  19 3  99  PN16
 65 170  173 185  145  4-Φ18  19 3  118
 80 180  173 200  160  8-Φ18  19  3  132
 100  190  200 220  180  8-Φ18  19  3  156
 125  200  230 250  210  8-Φ18  19  3  184
 150  210  230 285  240  8-Φ23  19  3  211
 200  230  270 340  295  12-Φ23 20  3  266
 250  250  350 395 350  12-Φ26 22  3  319
 300  270  350 445 400  12-Φ26 24.5  4  370

Adoptive standards:

1.Gate valve design DIN 3352 F5
2.Rising/Non-rising stem
3.Rubber encapsulated wedge
4.Clockwise closing direction

Technical Data
Flange Connection:PN10/16
Face to Face dimension:DIN 3202 F5
1.Body: ductile iron
2.Bonnet:ductile iron
3.Gland:ductile iron
4.Wedge:ductile iron+EPDM
5.Lifting nut:brass
6.Adjustable stem:SS420
7.Clamp ring:brass
8.O ring:silicone
9.Handwheel:ductile iron
10.Bolt:carbon steel


1.The flow resistance is small. The body's internal media channel is straight through, the medium into a straight flow, flow resistance is small.
2.When opening and closing more effort, compared with the cut-off valve, because either open or closed, gate movement direction perpendicular to the flow direction of the medium.
3.A high degree of opening and closing time is long. The opening and closing of the gate is larger, the reduction is carried out through the screw.
4.Water hammer phenomenon is not easy to produce. The reason is that the closure time is long.
5.The medium can flow in any direction, easy to install. Both sides of the gate valve channel is symmetrical.
6.The valves disc is rubber-packed to get excellent sealing effect by the rubber's resilient deformation.
Non-rising resilient seated gate valves solve the problem in general gate valves such as leakage, rusting etc.
and saves installation space. It is used widely in tap water industry, sewage treatment, shipping construction,
petroleum, chemicals, food, pharmacy, textile, electric power, metallurgy and energy system's pipeline to adjust and shut off fluids.


2.Chemical industry;
4.Electric power;
5.Water conservancy;
6.Urban construction;
7.Fire fighting;

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