• JGD-B Threaded Rubber Joint
  • JGD-B Threaded Rubber Joint
  • JGD-B Threaded Rubber Joint

JGD-B Threaded Rubber Joint

Features: Working pressure: 1.0(10)
Applicable Temperature: -15℃-115℃
Explosion pressure Mpa(kgf/cm2): 3.0(30)

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Product parameter:

Length (mm)
Axial Displacement(mm)

Horizontal Displacement(mm)

mm inch Extension Compression
20 0.75 180 5-6 22 22
25 1 180 5-6 22 22
32 1.25 200 5-6 22 22
40 1.5 210 5-6 22 22
50 2 220 5-6 22 22
65 2.5 245 5-6 22 22

Adoptive standards:

Mpa(kgf/cm2) Working pressure

Angular deflection
Explosion pressure Mpa(kgf/cm2)
3.0(30) Kpa(mm/Hg)Vacuum 53.3(400)
Applicable Temperature

-15℃-115℃(-30℃-250℃ under special conditions)

Applicable media Air,compressed air,water,sea water,hot water,oil,acid,alkali,and so on


1.The structure of the products: rubber joint general within the layer, fabric reinforced layer, adhesive layer and outer layer, the end part of the reinforcement metal or the steel wire ring, metal flange or parallel movable joint composition. Structure are as follows.
2.Specification size.
3.Working pressure: the test pressure of the rubber joint is 5 times of the working pressure, and the blasting pressure is 3 times of the working pressure.
4.Vacuum resistance: nominal diameter 300mm below, working pressure 1.6Mpa above the rubber joint, vacuum resistance is not less than 100Kpa, other specifications of rubber will be the forehead of the vacuum degree by the supply and demand sides agreement.
5.Displacement performance.
6.Physical and mechanical properties of rubber joints with rubber.
7.The rubber joint used for evaluating the safety of drinking water system: rubber joint used for drinking water system, the safety of boxer.


1.Lifting and transportation of raw water and sewage, water supply;
2.Circulating cooling water of thermal power plant;
3.Metallurgical industry;
4.Condensed water;
5.Pipeline transportation of chemicals in chemical industry;
6.Petrochemical industry cooling;
7.Dilution and it industry to long distance pipeline between the flexible connection.

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