• Double ball exhaust valve
  • Double ball exhaust valve

Double ball exhaust valve

Features: Size:  2”~12”
Pressure Rating: PN10-PN25
Material: Ductile Iron
Design Standard: GB12224-2015/EN1074-2000
Inspection Standard: EN12266
Application medium: Water
Application Temperature: 0-80℃

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Product details

Air valves are applied on the water pipelines a8 the equipment to exclude the gas In pipelines, it enhances the efficiency of water transport and protects pipelines from

transformation and break. When the pipeline is under negative pressure, this valve will suotion air automatically to prevent the pipeline breaking. This valve has a big gas displacement for

double air vents, it owns maintenance valve, close it when repaired then it can be on-line.


Size:  2”~12”

Pressure Rating:PN10-PN25

Material:Ductile Iron

Design Standard:GB12224-2015/EN1074-2000

Inspection Standard:EN12266

Application medium:Water

Application Temperature:0-80℃

Applied projects:Water conservancy construction




Water conveyance pipeline during the initial water filling, regular maintenance of pipeline after water filling the air inside the pipeline to discharge, avoid pressure fluctuations.

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