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4" copper gate valve

Features: Material: Brass
Temperature of Media: Medium Temperature
Pressure: Medium Pressure
Power: Manual
Media: Water
Port Size: 1/2"-4"
Application medium: Water, gases and liquids

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WESDOM gate valves are reliable, offering a tight shut-off and low pressure drop. The design covers a wide range of requirements to meet any customer need from general to severe service conditions. WESDOM gate valves are in compliance with the latest edition of API600 , API6D , ASME B16.34,etc.

The opening and closing part of the copper threaded gate valve is a plug-shaped valve disc, the sealing surface is flat or conical, and the valve disc moves linearly along the center line of the fluid. The structure is simple, the maintenance are more convenient, and the working stroke is small, the opening and closing time is short. Good sealing performance, small friction between the sealing surfaces, and long life.

NO Component Material
1 Body Brass
2 Bonnet cuzn40pb2
3 Brand meet your inquire
4 Seat Ring PTFE


Iron or Brass
6 Packing Rings PTFE
7 Washer EPDM
8 Handle Iron  or aluminum
9 Nut Brass or iron



Applicable mediumWater, steam, oil etc.
Suitable temperature-20℃180℃
Application fieldWater treatment, food, electric power, petrochemical industry, etc.

Product advantages:

1. The chemical composition and mechanical properties of the main material meet the requirements of the national regulations, 100% guaranteed for laboratory testing.
2. All valve bodies and parts are processed by CNC machine tools to ensure product accuracy.
3. Use kerosene and anti-rust oil to clean the entire product by high-pressure spray before assembly. After pressure test, clean the pressure test medium and spray with anti-rust oil. The cleanliness of the inner cavity meets the requirements of JB/T7748 standard and meets the long-term storage requirements of valves.
4. Each valve will be tested for pressure in accordance with national standards before leaving the factory, unqualified products will never leave the factory.
5. Each valve adopts special waterline blocking to prevent damage of connecting surface when transport.
6. G thread, NPT thread, BSP and other customized threads can be provided according to customer requests.


Canadian Architecture Project

Main products:

Gate valves, globe valves, Y strainers

Client feedback:

Customer feedback said: “Every time I received the products from WESDOM, I am always deeply shocked and moved. WESDOM is a very valuable and trusted partner”;

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3.Pharmaceutical and other industries.
4.The nominal pressure is less than 1.6Mpa, 
5.The water vapor pipeline for opening and closing, generally do not make use of closure.


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