• Triple Functions Air Valve
  • Triple Functions Air Valve
  • Triple Functions Air Valve

Triple Functions Air Valve

Features: body: ductile iron
Body/Bonnet: cast iron/ductile iron
Wedge: cast iron/ductile iron with EPDM

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Product parameter:


body:ductile iron 
PN10 or PN16 . 
Body/Bonnet: cast iron/ductile iron 
Wedge: cast iron/ductile iron with EPDM 
fusion bonded epoxy paint
pressure: 150# 
diameter: 2"-12"
body,disk:ductile iron

Adoptive standards:

WeiSiDun Group


Operation of pipeline system, when the pipeline internal pressure or temperature changes and dissolved in the water of the air is released,
air valves will be the timely discharge, prevent pipeline in formation of gas and affect the operation of the pipeline system.


In pumping station pressure tank tops and the water pipe on the installation of air valve for water conveyance pipeline during the initial water filling, regular maintenance of pipeline after water filling the air inside the pipeline to discharge, avoid pressure fluctuations; in pipeline water hammer negative, air valve opening, so that the tube Daowai air into the pipeline, lest in the pipe produced larger negative pressure, play a protective role.

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