• Copper Thread Gate Valve
  • Copper Thread Gate Valve
  • Copper Thread Gate Valve

Copper Thread Gate Valve

Features: DN: DN15-50mm
Nominal Pressure: 1.6Mpa
Valve Body Material: Brass
Suitable medium: Water、Non corrosive liquid、steam,ect.

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Product parameter:

DN G/in L S H D0
15 Rp1/2 60 32 110 55
20 Rp3/4 65 36 120 55
25 Rp1 75 46 145 65
32 Rp1-1/4 85 55 155 65
40 Rp1-1/2 95 62 180 80
50 Rp2 110 75 205 110

Adoptive standards:


Body: CW619N 
Disc:     CW619N
Stem:   HPb59-1
Bonnet:               CW619N
Ring:      HPb59-1
Packing: PTFE
Ring: HPb59-3
Cap: HPb59-3
Hand wheel: HT20-40
Nameplates: LF21
Nut: 1Cr18Ni9
Sealing gasket: PTFE


1.The design is novel, reasonable, unique structure, light weight, quick opening and closing.
2.The operating torque is small, the operation is convenient, and the labor saving is easy.
3.It Can be installed in any location, convenient maintenance.
4.Seals can be replaced, the sealing performance is reliable to achieve two-way seal zero leakage.


This valve is installed in the water, steam and other pipelines for opening and closing, generally do not use the throttle.

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