• Flange connection ball valve

Flange connection ball valve

Features: Applicable Temperature: -196~350℃
Driving Means: Manual,pneumatic,motor,hydro-dynamic,rtc.
Lnside Nominal Diameter: DN15~800mm 1/2"~32"
Applicable medium: Water,gas,oil product,natural gas and corrosive mediums as acids,alkalis,etc.

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Part name




1 Body WCB A216-WCB
2 Spring 60Si2Mn AISI 9260
4 Gasket PTFE PTFE
5 Blowoff screw 25 A105
6 "O"Ring Rubber Rubber
7 Bottom cover 25 A105
8 Screw nial 35 A193-B7
9 Fixed spindle 1Cr13 A276-410
10 Sling bearing PTFE PTFE
11 Ball 1Cr18Ni9Ti SS304
12 Bonnet WCB A276-410
13 Seat Ring 25 A105
14 Stem 1Cr13 A276-410
15 Stud 35CrMoA A193-B7
16 Stud 35 A194-2H
17 Cover 25 A105
18 Stuffing PTFE PTFE
19 Yoke WCB A216-WCB
20 Gland WCB A216-WCB
21 Key 45 AISI C 1045



Design Reference

GB series

API series

Design Reference GB/T12237 API6D ANSI B16.34
Structural Length of Flange-Connection GB/T12221 API6D ANSI B16.10
Structural Length(Welding) GB/T15188.1 API6D ANSI B16.10
Connecting flange GB/T9113、JB/T79、Hg20592 ANSI B16.5、B16.47
Butt-welding ends GB/T12224 ANSI B16.25
Test&Inspection GB/T9092 API6D API598


1.Fluid resistance is small, and the coefficient of resistance is equal to that of the same length.

2.Simple structure, small size and light weight.

3.Close and reliable, ball valve sealing surface material widely used plastic, sealing well, in the vacuum system has also been widely used.

4.Easy operation, open and close rapidly, from fully open to fully closed as long as 90 degree rotation, facilitate remote control.

5.Easy maintenance, valve structure is simple, the sealing ring is generally active, demolition and replacement are more convenient.

6.In the fully open or fully closed, the ball and valve seat sealing surface and the dielectric isolation, the media through, will not cause the valve sealing surface erosion.

7.Suitable for a wide range of sizes from small to a few millimeters, large to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied


 Water,gas,oil product,natural gas and corrosive mediums as acids,alkalis,etc.

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