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Bottom Valve

Features: Type: H42X-10, H42X-10
Nominal Pressure(MPa): 1Mpa
Strength (Water) (MPa): 1.5Mpa
Enclose (Water)(MPa): 1.1Mpa
Suitable temperature: ≤50℃
Suitable medium: Water

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 Swing Valve Outline and connecting measurement
Type Nominal
D D1 D2 b-f Z-фd Do ho H
H42X-10 50 160 125 100 20-3 4-ф18 145 20 145
65 180 145 120 20-3 4-ф18 160 20 161
80 195 160 135 22-3 4-ф18 190 26 177.5
100 215 180 155 22-3 8-ф18 230 30 213
125 245 210 185 24-3 8-ф18 260 35.5 236
150 280 240 210 24-3 8-ф23 343 43.5 315
200 335 295 265 26-3 8-ф23 429 60 380
250 390 350 320 28-3 12-ф23 501 71 468
300 440 400 368 28-4 12-ф23 566 82 552


 Bottom hole fluid in an underwater bottom valve is a kind of energy saving valve is usually installed in the pump suction pipe at the bottom of the limit water pump pipe to return to water, only in the function. The valve cover has a lot of water inlet and a reinforcing rib, to not easy to jam, mainly used in pumping pipeline. Water and a supporting role. Diameter of single and double valve, multi valve type, flanged and threaded connection. Other name: internal thread lifting type bottom valve, bottom valve, water valve, filter water valve, shower; lift at the end of valve, flange valve swing type bottom valve, flange type bottom valve.

Valve at the end of welding in the bottom of the container, which can achieve the best emptying, cleaning, disinfection effect. Moreover, it can be according to the operation requirements of the process will be mixed working medium is very good. The tank bottom valve as far as possible near the bottom of the tank wall, so as to achieve the effect of no dead.

1.structure, whether from the flow, or from the process requirements are very ideal, in addition to the time of the evacuation will not produce turbulence.
2.can provide all the existing international standard interface, such as welding, clamp type or screw type.
3.body material is US304.SUS316L, of course, can also be based on customer requirements using other alloy steel.
4.body surface can be based on customer requirements using mechanical polishing or electro polishing, precision can reach 0.25um.
5.At the end of the valve can be equipped with a manual can also be equipped with pneumatic pumps to install a valve, bottom valve is usually installed in the water below, and water type bottom valve is installed in the water above, it is the old-fashioned at the end of valve replacement products, is the ideal diversion devices, and can be used to replace vacuum pump and vacuum pumping device.
6.The valve is reasonable in design, advanced manufacturing technology, installation, use, maintenance is convenient. And has small frictional resistance, the use of long life, energy saving, widely used in petrochemical, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, mining, irrigation pumping facilities.

Swing Valve Function ;& specification
Nominal ;
Testing pressure Suitable temperature Suitable
Strength ;(Water)
H42X-10 1 1.5 1.1 ≤50 Water


 Valve ;name:

Bottom ;valve

Valve ;body,Valve ;cover,Disc:

Grey ;iron

Seal ;ring:



WESDOM Products applied in Bangladesh one Mining project. Accoridng to client critical working condition, WESDOM customized solutions for client project. Now all products have well installed on site and get good feedback from clients.

Main applied products as following: Foot Valves, Check Valves and Motorized gate valves.


1.The slurry pumps and other machinery and equipment;
2.Usually at the end of valve will is installed at the end of the water pump suction pipe at the bottom, to prevent slurry reflux.


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