• DN800 Slow closing check valve
  • DN800 Slow closing check valve
  • DN800 Slow closing check valve

DN800 Slow closing check valve

Features: Size: DN300-DN1000
Pressure Rating: PN16/PN25
Material: Ductile Iron
Design Standard: DIN3352 F4,  LIGHT TYPE
Inspection Standard: EN12266
Application medium: Drinking water, sewage, seawater, irrigation or other neutral liquid
Application Temperature: -40°C~150°C

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Brief introduction of rubber disc check valve:

Slow-closing check valve also known as butterfly cushion check valve, oblique bridge soft seal slow close check valve seat adopt bevel type, large eccentric design, external or built-in buffer system, is my company independent research and development,with independent intellectual property rights of patented products. Mainly installed in the pump export and medium deep place,prevent the backflow medium, automatic eliminate the destructive water hammer,protect the safety of water pump and pipeline. It is mainly composed of valve body, valve plate,buffer system. Structure is novel, the closing of the valve plate short journeys, smooth operation, low energy consumption in medium under the action of buoyancy open closed,is a new generation of energy saving and consumption reducing and environmental protection products.


DN ød øD øK n-øM H C L L1 L2 L3 L4
300 370 460 410 12-ø28 230 24.5 270 425 300 180 460
350 429 520 470  16-ø28 260 26.5 290 470 345 180 460
400 480 580 525 16-ø31 290 28 310 545 377 185 570
450 548 640 585 20-ø31 315 30 330 565 400 185 570
500 609 715 650 20-ø34 340 31.5 350 660 470 220 600
600 720 840 770 20-ø37 395 36 390 710 520 220 600
700 794 910 840 24-ø37 460 39.5 430 810 580 230 760
800 901 1025 950 24-ø41 520 43 470 863 525 230 760
900 1001 1125 1050 28-ø41 565 46.5 510 961 660 340 950
1000 1112 1255 1170 28-ø43 625 50 550 1021 720 340 950


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Design Standard: DIN3352 F4,  LIGHT TYPE

Inspection Standard: EN12266

Advantages of slow closing check valve:

①Easy to open

Adopt bevel type seat, easy to open, open valve in low velocity of fluid mechanics;

②Close short journeys, low energy consumption

Close short journeys, required to reduce energy consumption, reducing the media on the impact of the valve and valve seat and the water hammer wave in pipe;

③Multiple cushioning devices

According to the working conditions of the scene, there are built-in and built-out buffer device to choose from;

④Small flow resistance, smooth operation,low noise

Novel and reasonable structure of the valve. Body with to prevent excessive open the limit of structure, the valve plate adopts the whole suspension stream line structure rigidity, small flow resistance, smooth operation,low noise;

⑤The valve open intuitive visual

With the opening indicating device, the valve open intuitive visual;

⑥More longer service life

Seat USES the taper sealing,reliable sealing, long service life;

⑦According to the condition and medium hard seal soft seal(H)(x) to choose from. 

According to the condition and medium hard seal soft seal(H)(x) to choose from. Generally choose sot seal, zero leakage, buffer voice closed small; But medium for sewage or containing particles, and the solid impurities such as sand, advised to choose a hard seal, improve the service life of the valve;

⑧More reliable structure

Adopting direct stroke cylinder cylinder replacement back transformation,more reliable structure, ensure the operation of the valve more easy smooth, no resistance;

⑨Easy to install and maintain

With a standard interface of buffer device, and strictly to ensure interchangeability so in production, installation, maintenance, replacement, transportation process, is more convenient.



The slow-closing check valve is an advanced, intelligent hydraulic valve that is being used more and more widely in various industries.

The main applications are in the following areas:

1. Wastewater treatment: 

Slow-closing check valves can be used in water treatment systems to prevent wastewater backflow and back-tide, ensuring a complete and flawless water treatment system.

2. Fire fighting systems:

In fire fighting systems, slow closing check valves prevent sewage or fire fighting foam from flowing back from the fire fighting pipes to the fire fighting tank or city water network.

3. Industrial applications:

Slow-closing check valves can be used in a variety of industrial piping systems such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and energy to protect equipment and pipelines from high pressure and


4. Automation: 

Slow-closing check valves are used in automation equipment to control fluid flow and to avoid damage caused by fluid backflow.

5. Construction: 

In construction, slow-closing check valves can be connected to cast steel, cast iron, and organic pipework to maintain the flow of water and avoid pipework hazards.

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