• Lifting Check Valve
  • Lifting Check Valve

Lifting Check Valve

Features: Materials Name: H14/12H-(16-64)C
Body: WCB
Bonnet: WCB
Sealring: 304,316,PTFE
Gasket: Polytetrafluorethylene(PTFE)

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Product Identification:
Lift check valve is a regular valve. It is installed vertically, and its disc is positioned along the center to move up and down.

 Main outer size
8 1/4” 65 10 24 42
10 3/8” 65 10 24 42
15 1/2” 65 12 26 42
20 3/4” 75 17 32 46
25 1” 90 20 41 54
32 1-1/4” 105 20 49 58
40 1-1/2” 120 20 56 66
50 2” 140 23 69 74
65 2-1/2” 165 27 86 89
80 3” 185 30 98 102


Product Advantages:

1. The main material meets the requirements of national regulations
2. All valve accessories are processed by CNC machine tools to ensure product accuracy;
3. After pressure test, the valve will be cleaned again, the anti-rust oil is sprayed.It is easier for long term storage. The cleanliness of the inner cavity meets the requirements of JB/T7748.
4. Each valve must be tested pressure as per national standards when leaving the factory, unqualified products will not be delivered. 
5. Each valve adopts special thread blocking protection to prevent thread damage during transportation;
6. G thread, NPT thread, BSP and other customized threads can be provided according to customer needs.

Materials of main parts
Materials ;Name H14/12H-(16-64)C H14/12H-(16-64)P H14/12H-(16-64)R
Bonnet WCB CF8 CF8M
Disc CF8 CF8 CF8M
Sealring 304,316,PTFE
Gasket Polytetrafluorethylene(PTFE)


1.Swing check valves, also known as a one-way valve, non-return valve, and its role is to prevent the media back in the pipeline.
2.Opening and closing pieces by medium flow and the forces to open or close, to prevent the medium from back flow valve is called a non-return valve.
3.Check valve which belongs to the automatic valves, mainly for one-way flow of media channels, only to allow media to flow in one direction, to prevent accidents.
4.The valve in the pipe shall generally be installed horizontally. 


This valve is used in the industrial pipeline to prevent the medium flow.

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