• Single Chip Check Valve H74W
  • Single Chip Check Valve H74W
  • Single Chip Check Valve H74W
  • Single Chip Check Valve  H74W

Single Chip Check Valve H74W

Features: Size: 2”~20”
Pressure Rating: PN10~PN40
Material: SS304,  SS316
Design Standard:  Appropriate standard
Inspection Standard:  Appropriate standard
Application medium: Water, Oil, Chemical
Application Temperature: -20~400 °C

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DN(mm) L PN10 PN16 PN25 PN40
50 14.5 22 109 109 109 109
65 14.5 22 129 129 129 129
80 14.5 22 144 144 144 144
100 14.5 24 164 164 170 170
125 16 26 194 194 198 198
150 19 29 220 220 228 228
200 29 43 275 275 288 293
250 29 43 330 333 343 355
300 38 50 380 388 403 420
350 41 52 440 448 460 480
400 51 62 493 498 52 549


Product overview

The wafer check valve is composed of valve body, valve disc, valve stem, spring and other parts. It adopts wafer connection. Due to the short closing stroke of the valve disc and spring loading, the water hammer phenomenon can be significantly reduced. This valve is mainly suitable for urban, industrial and high-rise building water supply and drainage pipe networks. Because its structure length is shorter than general check valves, it is most suitable for places with installation restrictions.

 Main Part of Material
No. Accessory name Material
1 Body WCB=13Cr SCS13
2 Disc WCB=13Cr SCS13
3 Torsion Spring 0Cr18Ni9 0Cr18Ni9

1.Short length of the structure, the length of its structure is only the traditional flange back valve 1 / 4 to 1 / 8.

2.Small volume, light weight, the weight is only the traditional flange back valve 1 / 4 to 1 / 20 .

3.Quick closing valve, water hammer pressure.

4.Small, can be used in horizontal or vertical pipe, convenient installation.

5, Flow smooth, fluid resistance small.

6. Flexible action, good sealing performance.

7.Short stroke of the valve, valve off small impact force.

8. Integral structure, simple and compact, modeling beautiful 9 using long life, high reliability.


Project name: A customer in Pakistan purchases check valves, gate valves, pipe fittings, etc.

Customer name: a distributor in Pakistan

Main products: ball valve, check valve, gate valve, pipe fittings, etc.

Customer demand: high-quality valves, fittings, storage or supply to customers

project description:

The client in this case is from Pakistan and is a large-scale local valve distributor. They have their own store locally and often import some valves from abroad to store or supply to local customers.

This client has cooperated with WESDOM many times. Almost every once in a while, they will contact the foreign trade salesman of WESDOM. They bought a batch of valves from WESDOM and stocked them in their store.

Through many cooperations with WESDOM, the two sides have established a very close cooperative relationship. Of course, they contacted WESDOM without hesitation, and purchased check valves, gate valves, pipe fittings, etc. from WESDOM.

client feedback:

We have worked with WESDOM many times and have been very satisfied each time. We are very willing to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with WESDOM.

Project pictures:



1.Water supply system;


3.Chemical industry;

4.Metallurgy and other industrial sectors are most suitable for the installation space restrictions.

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