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Comparison of the characteristics of several gate valves with different structures

1. Wedge single Disc gate valve
(1) The structure is simpler than the elastic gate valve
(2) At higher temperatures, the sealing performance is not as good as elastic gate valves or double gate valves.
(3)It is suitable for high temperature medium that is easy to coking.

2.Flexible Disc gate valve
(1)It is a special form of wedge type single gate valve. Compared with the wedge gate valve, the sealing performance is good at high temperature, and the gate plate is not easy to be stuck after being heated;
(2) It is suitable for steam, high-temperature oil products and oil-gas media, and is suitable for frequent switching parts.
(3)It is not suitable for the medium that is easy to coking.

3.Double Disc gate valve
(1)The sealing performance is better than the wedge gate valve. When the inclination angle of the sealing surface and the valve seat are not very accurate, it still has good sealing performance.
(2)After the sealing surface of the ram is worn, the metal pad at the bottom of the top of the spherical surface can be used after replacement. Generally, it is not necessary to weld and grind the sealing surface. This is an advantage that single ram and elastic ram do not have.
(3)It is suitable for steam, high temperature oil products and oil and gas media, and it is suitable for parts with frequent switching.
(4) It is not suitable for media that is easy to coking.

4. Parallel Disc gate valve
(1) The sealing performance is worse than other types of gate valves.
(2) It is suitable for the medium with lower temperature and pressure.
(3) The processing and maintenance of the sealing surface of the gate and the valve seat is simpler than other types of gate valves.