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WESDOM GROUP visits customer's store in Ankara


Visit customers in Ankara, Turkey - visit their store

This is a new customer from the exhibition. We visited this customer on the third day after the Turkish exhibition. At the exhibition, customers said they were very interested in our products, and we both left contact information. After the exhibition, we began to visit customers non-stop. Although time was very tight, we still did not want to leave behind every customer. 

When we met with the customer, we found out that the customer was a very talented dealer. He had a company in a hardware market in Ankara. He had a small water pump shop, a factory that produced pumps, and a follow-up company. A store of other partners that sells valves and pipe fittings. And the products sold are also very complete.

Customers told us that their sales customers have a very large demand for valves and fittings for water systems, so they need to purchase a large amount of related products, but they have not yet imported from China and have contacted some trade companies from China before. However, due to price, product quality and other reasons, no cooperation was established. This time I saw our samples and product brochures at the exhibition, and I was quite satisfied with our products. After visiting the customer's store and having further understanding with the customer, the customer gave me a product list of the products we needed and expressed the hope that we could meet their product quality and price requirements.

In the follow-up process, we gave the customer a reasonable quotation for the relevant products based on the customer's needs. The customer agreed after reading it and finally ordered a batch of ductile iron gate valves and pipe fittings products commonly used in water systems from wesdom. Because this is our first cooperation, the order this time is not too large, but we believe that after receiving wesdom's products, customers will lose all their previous concerns and have more cooperation with wesdom.

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